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9m88 aka. Baba is a singer-songwriter and artist from Taiwan. She graduated from The New School in New York with a major in jazz singing, under the tutelage of jazz legend Reggie Workman on bass and Jane Ira Bloom on soprano saxophone. Her musical style is influenced by R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Improvisation, Hip-Hop, and Pop. Creative, honest, and unique, her sensibilities are drawn from life and human observation by fusing her unique style and poetry. As a cross-disciplinary artist, she has continued to thrive in the spaces of fashion, television, and film.

Musically, the release of her 7-inch vinyl “Nine Head Hinano”, including a cover of City Pop classic “Plastic Love”, kickstarted her ascend by garnering new fans and collaborators around the world.

Her 2018 debut album "Beyond Mediocrity" was released independently and was nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Best New Artist the following year. The works have not only won awards in Taiwan but also the US and Japanese brands have come forward to offer representation, successfully opening up momentum internationally even in the epidemic era.

Fast Forward to 2022, 9m88 recently released her new mixtape EP 9m88 Radio, which aims to be an ambitious compilation of seven collaborative tracks — releasing at the end of 2021. Each track will feature a select renowned beatmaker from America, the UK, Japan, Korea, China, and more — created globally and centered sonically between the spectrums of hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and funk. 9m88 is the executive producer along with co-producer and Golden-Melody winner,  Chia-Lun Yue.

9m88 Radio, as a timely concept, recalls our collectively shared nostalgia of sliding through radio channels as a way to discover new styles of sound. Lyrically, the tracks will interweave both English and Mandarin to lend a familiar and fresh palette to global ears. 9m88 Radio will be an organic and boundary-blending experience with producers from around the world — DJ Mitsu the Beats, Romderful, SUMIN, StarRo, Fishdoll, and more to be enlisted; each offering their own Midas Touch for the project.

Beyond music, 9m88 has expanded her career to acting In February 2022, she released her debut jazz vinyl EP, This Temporary Ensemble, which is the purest jazz work of 9m88.

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